Buying, Selling and Trading Policies

At The Great Escape, you can sell or trade in your CDs, DVDs, LPs, Comic Books, VHS Tapes, Magazines, Toys, and more! We pay top dollar for quality items; please see our buying guidelines below. We also offer trade credit vouchers -- worth 25% more than cash in store credit -- that you can use for whatever you want, whenever you want: they don't expire till you use them!

If you have a large collection you are looking to sell, we might even come to you! We will gladly travel for the right collection of music, comics, toys, odditites, etc. (We also buy closeout inventories, liquidation assets, and estate collections.)

And thanks to our eBay Power Seller status, we've had great success selling on eBay on a consignment basis. Autographed items, original comic artwork, and musical instruments are just a few examples of the kinds of truly unique items for which we've helped customers earn top-dollar auction returns.

Some Purchasing Details

There are lots of criteria that help determine what your items might be worth to us. Artist, title, condition, rarity, and our own backstock are just a few of the conditions that factor into how we price your items. Here are some basic guidelines we use when purchasing your items:

  • Titles - Many titles are extremely common and are not worth too much to us. Some titles are very popular currently and always sell well. Those we are glad to pay good prices for.
  • Condition - This is extremely important to the value of an item. After we determine whether or not we are interested in purchasing the title, we price CDs, DVDs, and LPs based on condition, even though it will seldom affect the ability for the item to be played. The condition of an LPs cover is taken into consideration as well.

On all purchases we pay 25% more in trade credit than we do for cash. (If we offer you $50.00 in cash, you can choose instead to take $62.50 in trade credit.) Trade credit does not expire!

Consignment Agreement

Click here to view our consignment agreement that includes a further explanation of our terms and conditions for consigning your item through us on eBay.